Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hello everyone.  It is time for a blog update.  Penny and I went to Ghana for business and pleasure from 26 December 2013 to 1 January 2014 and it was a wonderful trip.

The photos below will give you an idea of our experiences there.  We arrived in Accra, Ghana, completed our business and while there attended the temple which is small, but very beautiful.  We drove up the coast to the Cape Coast area.  Our first adventure was walking a tree bridge which was about 300 meter long and 200-400 feet above ground.  We stayed at the Elmina Resort which was on a gorgeous beach with a fishing village about 1/2 mile down the beach.

We visited Elmina (St. George's) Castle, which was the oldest holding area for slaves in West Africa. The castle is 531 years old and was originally built by the Portuguese who were there for 155 years. The Dutch captured it and continued using it for slaves for 200 years.  Finally, the British arrived and used it for soldiers' quarters.  This is a necessary, but horrible reminder of man's inhumanity to man. The cruelty and terrible living conditions that existed there are beyond belief.

We visited Mormon Church history sites such as Baptism Beach, where the first baptisms occurred in Ghana.  We saw the first building utilized as a church known as the Cocoa Shed.  We attended the current church and visited with two of the first group to be baptized.

This trip was quite rejuvenating and strengthened us for our last few months in West Africa.

May the Lord bless you and keep you all safe and happy.  Our love to you all.

Penny at the Accra, Ghana LDS Temple

Accra, Ghana LDS Temple

Ant hill, seem to be everywhere

Tree rope bridge near Cape Coast, Ghana 

Elmina Resort - view from our room

Top floor, middle building - our room

kids playing soccer on the beach


Dinner with the Stokers and Petersens 


Beach house 

Stealing sand

Washing clothes

Fishing village 


Slave compound at Elmina Castle (St. George Castle) -
oldest slave castle in West Africa (531 years old).

View from castle of Elmina Bay

Door of no return

Male slave dungeon

Slave holding cell

Large holding cell for 100-200 men or women

Heavy cannon ball attached to women for punishment if they refused to sleep with the governor

Slave exit to boats

Church above slave areas in the castle

Cocoa Shed - first meeting house in Ghana

James Ewudzie, 4th baptized member of the Mormon Church in Ghana, at Baptism Beach 

James Ewudzie with Elder Cannon - Elder Cannon's father baptized Bro. Ewudzie 

Thomas Ewudzie (brother of James) 7th person baptized and 1st deacon 
organized in Ghana with his son

(left to right) James, Thomas, Thomas' son and James' wife

At Baptism Beach 

At church in Elmina Bay

Current church - compare to Cocoa Shed

Cocoa shed - meetings began here in 1969 before the church was officially brought to Africa 

The group at Baptism Beach

Hill Cumorah #2 where Billy Johnson (1st person to be baptized in Ghana) and James Ewudzie went to pray and fast for the church to come to Ghana