Monday, April 21, 2014

Last blog post from Africa

This will be our last blog entry.  We have had a wonderful experience in the Lagos Nigeria Mission. We can honestly say we have maximized our efforts and abilities to serve the Lord.  We hate to leave the wonderful people of West Africa.  We have interacted with many people whom we deeply love and admire.  The people of West Africa are a religious people—they truly love our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.  When we received our call to serve in Nigeria we told our children if they can get to Africa we would treat them to a safari at the end of our mission.  We were asked to extend our mission, but we needed to go on the safari, so we did the safari and returned to our mission for a few more weeks.

We will attach a few pictures from our mission and some form our safari and stay in Cape Town, South Africa.  Our thanks and love to you all!  We are grateful for your love, prayers and support.

Elwood and Penny

School kids at Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria

Slave Port at Badagry.  Slave trading started at this port in Africa.

Slave depiction 

 Life is hard in Nigeria

Man selling a grass cutter (Bush meat)

Elwood with an investigator and baby 

Johannesburg, tribute rocks to Mandella

Apartheid sign

Off to the safari in Kruger National Park





African sky 


Wild dog

African buffalo 

Baboon tribe

Elephant family

Our safari vehicle and guide, Joey

White Rhinoceros  



Male lion


Hiking in the African bush 

Getting ready for the Great White Sharks