Sunday, March 10, 2013

Long time no see!

We have been busy the past two weeks opening up new areas to accommodate the large numbers of new missionaries who are now going on missions because of the recent change in age.  This requires finding new apartments, putting new companionships together, etc. This week we have missionaries going home and new missionaries coming in which requires interviewing and training of new missionaries.

Last week we visited a missionary apartment in a rather remote part of our mission.  The missionaries told us that the previous evening they were chased into their apartment by a black cobra snake.  They were really frightened.  Two days later they killed a green mamba snake.  Both snakes are quite deadly.   Our missionaries endure many challenges such as primitive living conditions, travel difficulties, and an unsanitary environment.  However, they continue to work hard and use their time wisely.  Last month our mission baptized a mission high of 156 people.  We are moving in the right direction.  We have fasted and prayed that our missionaries would move forward in a more positive and productive manner.  As you can see, we are on the move.  It is thrilling to be part of this great work.

We spend a lot of time trying to make the missionaries more comfortable.  We have spent three days shopping for their needs; buying such things as eating utensils, dishes, irons, ironing boards, emergency lanterns, generators and freezers, etc.  The markets are huge and many of them sit in open dirt areas surrounded by permanent structures.  If you want a unique shopping experience come to Lagos, Nigeria.

We continue to be blessed in our service.  We love what we do.  We are developing stronger bonds of friendship and loyalty with the missionaries.

Our love to you all.

Elder and Sister Brown

Penny serving pasta to Lanry and Toule Adebyao, the mission President's children.

A typical LDS church in outlying areas of Lagos.  The town is Ikorodu. 

Lekki Market: Penny and Sister Jennings at the jewlry shop.  We have bought our wood carvings at this market.

Lekki Market

String art for Jeff and Angie; hope you like it.

String art for Shireen and Brett; hope you like it as well.

Wood carvings.  Most are for the grandkids.  We hope they like them.  They are carved 
from Ebony wood' very hard and heavy.

A pretty lizard on a rock.  This area is full of lizards, some very beautiful. 

4 Sister missionaries at Ogba, Nigeria.  Good missionaries! 

An old lizard caught by Elder Mbong.  We thought the kids would like the lizard pictures

The old lizard.

4 Elders at Ojodi, Nigeria.

All dirt streets in this town, except for the main road.  Okortun, Nigeria.

Same town, everything is covered with dust from the dirt streets.


  1. Wonderful post! Terrific pics!

  2. Good to finally hear from you. It is good that you are so busy making a big difference there. The artwork is beautiful. The missionaries look sharp. Thanks for the report. All the best. You are in our prayers.