Sunday, June 23, 2013

A wedding in Lagos

We were privileged to attend the wedding of a young lady whose parents are members of the church congregation we attend in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. The groom is the son of the most high King and Queen from the central west part of Nigeria.  The groom and parents are Muslim and the bride and her parents are Mormon.  The wedding was held in two main parts: first part was a traditional African wedding held in the back yard of the bride's parents home in Igebu-Ode.  The parents, Dr. and Sister Hassan, are very wealthy.  He is an eye surgeon and has a worldwide reputation of excellence.  The groom's parents are also very wealthy.  They are royalty of the highest order.  He bears the title of King of Kings.  The second part of the wedding was a church wedding held at a Mormon church in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigera.  After the church wedding, a reception was held at a very large hall.  There were an estimated 2000 people at the reception.  A full several course sit down dinner was served, and the hall was beautifully decorated.  We had a wonderful time, and we were treated graciously by all.  This was the most elaborate and expensive wedding reception we have ever attended - the estimated to cost was $500,000. Wow!  This was such contrast to the extreme poverty that is all around us.  We must say this that Dr. and Sister Hassan are very liberal with their money.  They are one of the leading humanitarian families in Africa. He donates thousands of hours of free eye care service from his eye clinics, and he donates money for many other charities.  He and his wife seem to be a great example of what you do with wealth.  
Simply wonderful, humble people.

Traditional wedding under the tent in the back yard of the bride's parents home

The bride, Feyi Hassan

Dowry gifts were being handed out: fruits, vegetables and money 

A few lesser kings gathered together

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom 

Home of the bride's parents in Egebu-Ode, Nigeria 

Senior missionaries with the Bride's mother and our Mission President

High King in dark suit leading the procession to the reception hall

The High King, father of the groom

The High Queen, mother of the groom

Village drummers

Reception hall in Lagos, two days later (following LDS Church wedding)

African ladies at the reception 

Wedding dinner

Dinner: cow gut, shrimp, chicken, rice, slaw and unidentified 

Bride and groom after church wedding at the reception dinner

Mother and Father of the bride, Dr. and Sister Hassan

Three generations - baby, Mom and Grandmother


  1. Really fabulous photos--looks like a great time was had by all--thank you both & Sireen for sharingwith all of us! Deb&Jim

    1. Unbelievably beautiful glad you two get to experience this phenominal Africa...(and learn the reality of the juxtaposition you mentioned as well) always great to hear from you. Love Heather

  2. wonderful photos! So beautiful!
    keep them coming, I love your posts!
    Sister Carpenter

  3. Dear Penny and Elwood,
    I really enjoy looking in on your blog to see what you are up to. I am so glad you are experiencing so many new, different, and exciting things. They must love you, and I know you love them. The wedding pictures are awesome. Such different traditions. The ladies look gorgeous in their festive outfits. I am so glad we are able to keep in touch thanks to modern technology.
    Sending lots of love from Fullerton..... Annelies