Thursday, September 19, 2013

A post from Sister Winget

(A post from a letter from Sister Winget to her family)

MATTHEW O….                                      
Wood Carver

We were first introduced to Matthew at a trade fair on Victory Island.  He is actually from Ibadan, Oyo State  but travels to these fairs to sell his carvings. This is his livelihood.
Elder Brown invited him to come to the mission home for us to look at and possibly purchase his carvings.

After we would make our purchases Elder Brown would spend some time talking with him about the gospel.  Eventually, the Missionaries started to teach him ( being sent by Elder Brown).  He and his 14 year old son (Samson) took the discussions and set a date for Baptism.  His wife, and other children were not quite sure and so they just supported Matthew in his decision.  He has three other children, two too young to be baptized but a 12 year old daughter who wanted to wait. 

Matthew held most of his discussions in his workshop also where his son (Samson) helped him carve – that may be why Samson, feeling the spirit, chose to be baptized
August 24, 2013, the Browns and Us (the Jennings were unable to attend due to other meetings) traveled to Ibadan to participate in his baptism.  Such a spiritual experience to see the love of the gospel in Matthew’s countenance.

Matthew’s wife and brother (who is a preacher in another church) attended.

Matthew asked Elder Brown to baptize him.

These are the times that you hit a spiritual high witnessing the Lord changing lives as they embrace the gospel.

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  1. It is wonderful that you are able to proselyte as well as perform the many administrative duties you have.